there is mist on the mirror,
i tried to wipe it,
i got mired into the reflection,
the city screams at me
there's someone knocking at the door,
there's a letter
should i open it?
Will it have the answers?
Or i will i get mired in the mysticity?

7 people and their mire.

Abhi | Trisha | Sandeep | REHAN | Vinny | Aakansha | Supriya

Rehan has begun this story, but it's not just about him. A young man of 25, armed with an experience of 3 years he is bit confused now. Lost somewhere down the memory lane, getting nostalgic he thinks of good old engineering days, He misses them all, his gang—Abhi, Trisha, Sandeep, Vinny, Aakansha and yeah best of them all his bosom pal Supriya.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Surp's you got to be kidding...

She had been driving for 3 hours now just to meet him once before she left the country. There was more to life then simply changing jobs every year and trying to trouble shoot she thought. The thought that moving on seemed right at that time, but she was scared the moment Reh would hear about it he would ask way too many questions and will force her to change her mind. There he was waiting in his big long beautiful car. She admired this about him. He would never enter the restaurant without her. He told her "if I was here to meet you why should I meet the waiters first?" Besides they ask too many questions?" She smiled as she took the spot right next to him and asked, "You keep forgetting that you like men don't you?" She lit her cigarette and gave him a warm hug. It felt as if she was bribing him to not ask the question.

After a couple of drinks. Surps was feeling really drowsy as usual. He told her, "Babe one more smoke and I am going to throw you in that pool" - She smiled and said, "Actually it's very hot in here with you around!" He chuckled and said, "Listen I know you dont want to hear this but I have to tell you, there is not need to run away."

She got up and said I like the pool. I am going there.

They sat there with their feet in the water.. She was getting a headache. She said, I am going because I have no answers for you. More than anything I want to go because you scare me. If you are here I will call you everytime life has a question for me. How long will you keep answering my questions?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rehan in Delhi

It’s Friday night, the unfettered city

Resounds with hedonistic glee.

He feels a cold cast of self pity

Envelop him, his family

Out here in cold November night in Delhi, Rehan is in bed, invoking the sleep to dawn on his eyes. Today has been a taxing day. A sudden call by boss and Rehan is ordered to accompany marketing guy to the capital. Why? Well they are here armed with all information to woo their prospective clients, trying to win a rat race called “Bidding”. Being pretty senior engineer and one equipped with technical acumen, Rehan is the one expected to come up with those technically convincing term while marketing guy would hold his own in distribution and supply chain. “Well pretty sound decisions my boss takes” Rehan faintly smiles while unsuccessfully counting few more lambs in a lush green field(an old ploy to seek much evaded sleep’s shelter, a game his dad invented to calm down Rehan when he was agitated kid bound with tremendous nervous energy).

November mornings in Delhi are pretty romantic. A morning walk through the garden and dew glistened leaves shimmering all around are there to be witnessed. Days come with a complete packet of slightly tickling wind and that sweet sunshine. As day settles down to dusk, slight chill sets in and rendezvous with goose bumps start as one starts the bike and hears the monstrous roar of the engine. Well Rehan loves these traits of Delhi and that makes him happy to give this city a fleeting embrace once in a while.

So what tomorrow has on its platter for me? Rehan thinks aloud. Couple of meetings with the client have to take place, where a metaphorical tug of war would be enacted, “impress the client with our technological capabilities and we would win it hands down” His boss said to soothe his nerves before he flew to Delhi. And yes he has to meet his cousin Shweta and of course Vinny .

Alarm rings and after struggling with couple of snoozes, Rehan wakes up in the morning. Nattily he gets dressed up for most important meeting of his life. He stares at the mirror which reflects his confidence honestly and candidly. When screaming car screeches to a halt at Cannaught place , he comes out of it and looks back at the marketing guy to gauge his confidence and all he can see a slight smirk playing on his face. Pretending oblivious to it he takes the lift and two gentlemen are on the forth floor in a jiffy.

As expected client turns out to be a tough hard taskmaster, Rehan could only think of his kirana wallah as some one more stingy looking for a return from every penny invested. Both gentlemen satisfied with their effort come out with optimism written large over their faces. His mobile plays that trademark ringtone of his and suddenly and he is blessed with few choicest abuses from the other side . Hmm who else Vinny of course. And flooded with college memories Reh is off to meet his college chum Vinny.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sandy, Love for Six pack and Her

Sandeep got off from his new Pulsar and strode towards the club.`surprised ah! you must be some one who was born with proverbial silver spoon in his mouth , running a bike and that too a pulsar? No, this is not another young man going bad because of dirty money seen all around. Sandeep just liked his friend Vinny loved that roar of engine when it was about to give wind a run for its money. Bike was his only true friend, Sandeep was always accused of being phlegmatic, someone who never really got attached to people, someone whose eyes were never welled up with tears or so his friends claimed. He doted on his pulsar and yeah only 180 cc would do for him. He claimed of getting goose bumps hearing his slave’s voice when ordered to pick up . “ghon ghon grrr grr “ and slave used to pick up at master’s behest and master used to get thrilled. The very master was goinn to have a pot shot at his second love, yeah pool what else? He was already running late by 10 minutes, still he felt running around didn’t go well with his image. Always a bit careful about his perception , young man sauntered the pool room with characteristic swagger in his walk.

So He entered the pool room, and all eyes turned towards him. He took the
stick and hit a straight shot. The guys clapped. He was 'Sandy' and he was on his way to becoming the coolest dude of all!!

He bent, to hit another one. And felt his stomach. "Man, I really need to work out on my abs". Ah another those of pretensions, pretending to be perfect. Perhaps six pack abs was a criterion to live in this world? Perhaps peer pressure and a bare Salman Khan was taking its toll on him. No one knows what triggered it in him, not even his bum chums appreciated this freakiness yet they survived him and pampered him.

With a gloat over his face too much perceptible on his face he got into the gym and worked out for an hour. When he came out, he saw her. She was playing badminton. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was also an employee of his company. And she hated him. Why this abhorrence ? Some one please told him . He had many night ruined over simple boy girl chemistry which does turn awry in some cases, who says affinity is always as positive as sulphur is to oxygen.

Ok, ok, he was not good-looking. He wasn't even one of the smartest
guys around. His colleagues actually referred to him as 'The Gainda'. How he hated that name!! of course he was doing his his best to get rid of that ugly tag, how he hated Rehan and Abhi for that , for coming up with a blatantly honest nickname; he still hated them somewhere in corner of his heart for being so honest. But he agreed what friends are if not honest? What they are if not ones kicking your ass and telling you how horrible you are. True these company waalahs never did don Rehan or Abhi’s mantle yet he had this paranoid feeling, somewhere down the line they all are doing it, laughing at his expense. Now he sorely missed that honest brutal criticism. But still the girl has to be wooed , and yeah days winged back to the time he met her.

And on the first day she had come, he had shamelessly ogled at her. But that was because he had never seen anybody like her. She blew him away. “She is one for me”, he gushed to his close companions. And for courtesy they nodded in affirmative. She was a blue eyed princess, who charmed many alike him. What to do now? He remembered the day , he was made to drape his wrist in rakhi when he failed to show his affection for a girl. Whom to blame? Yeah, usual suspects Rehan and Abhi. He let a faint smile come through.

He stood leaning at the doorway, dreaming about her, still toggling between his past and present. “Yeah she looks better than that girl Shreya who did that Rakhi act to me”. And then his cell-phone beeped. "Oh God, I will kill the creator of this technology with my own hands!!"
It was Rehan. His college mate. "What’s up Sandeep? Are you happy? What is life for you yaar?” Naah not a marketing survey, this one seemed a profound question, This one took some time to sink in? “What Rehaan means? Seems I have seen it coming” and Sandeep plans to call back his tormentor , one who did so many pranks at his expense.

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